• Jason Alperti

    Jason Alperti

    Jason started in the industry from the ground up as an production assistant at Major League Baseball productions. Having a love for storytelling some of Jason.s attributes are being able to work over a variety of platforms whether it's sports, reality, documentaries, promos, live tv, on-lining , and beyond. View Credits
  • Michael Bisberg

    Michael Bisberg

    For nearly a decade, Michael Bisberg has brought exciting and thought-provoking images to screens of every size. Schooled in news and documentary filmmaking and seasoned as a broadcast producer and editor, he joined Vidiots in 2014, and has cut for clients such as CBS, MTV, VH1, Bravo, HGTV, Epix, and Sony. Michael brings his skills as a writer and producer; his experience with comedy, music, sports, lifestyle, and promotional programming; and his love of visual storytelling to every project he edits. View Credits
  • Nelson Dellamaggiore

    Nelson Dellamaggiore

    Nelson is a four-time Emmy Nominee and has been working in the television industry since 2000. This producer-turned-editor started with Vidiots in 2004 and has built a solid client base of Sports, Live TV, Comedy, Docs as well as Online Editing.  In 2012, Nelson produced and edited the Award-Winning documentary film Brooklyn Castle, which is currently being remade into a narrative feature by super producer Scott Rudin. Nelson drinks a lot of coffee and has an unhealthy addiction to peanut butter. View Credits
  • Matt DeRiso

    Matt DeRiso

    Matt DeRiso has an array of talented work under his belt. His experience began eons ago in a long forgotten decade known as .the 90s.. He has worked on a diverse variety of programming that includes cutting national commercial spots for ad agency Carrafiello Diehl & Associates as well as promos, game shows and long form programming for clients like ESPN, CBS, VH1, The Food Network, Spike TV and HBO. In addition, Matt edited and pioneered the look for the first season of TLC.s Miami Ink and was one of the lead editors for MTV.s long running, weekly episodic CRIBS. Recently Matt has worked on multiple seasons of the popular VH1 Classic talk show That Metal Show, The History Channel.s game show Pawnography and reality competition programming for Destination America and A&E. When not editing .reality. TV Matt learns about reality from his two daughters Francesca & Gabriella and has come to the stunning realization that ten hours a day in a cramped, windowless edit room can be a safe haven from 4 and 6 year old girls. Unless his wife reads this.then he denies ever having that thought of putting it in his bio. View Credits
  • Chris Kronus

    Chris Kronus

    The man who once chopped down a tree with the Blade Tool. LA trained, NY approved. Motorcycle explorer, film photographer, and editor of Emmy-nominated films. Passionate about all narrative work, from short form to the silver screen. View Credits
  • Brendan McCarthy

    Brendan McCarthy

    Brendan first stepped foot on set as a production assistant. After working his way up to associate producer, he realized post-production was where he needed to be. He made the switch and came to Vidiots, first as a junior before making the jump to full-time editor. Brendan.s editing background is diverse, from reality to live studio shows, but his passion is for sports. When he.s not editing, he.s writing short films and recording podcasts.  View Credits
  • Sosse Misserlian

    Sosse Misserlian

    As an Emmy-nominated editor, Sossé has amassed a portfolio that spans across a wide spectrum of formats including Sports, Awards Shows, Concerts, Lifestyle, Reality, Documentary TV series, Commercials and Network Promos. Sossé started her career in the advertising industry editing over 100 TV commercials before setting her sights on broadcast television. Since then, she has made her mark working on long form television series for networks such as CBS, Lifetime and Travel Channel and, has crafted scores of features on athletes for NCAA March Madness and Super Bowl XLVII. Her other clients include AMC, WEtv, Bravo, IFC History Channel, HBO Sports, MTV, ESPN, Fox Sports, Sony, HLN, Discovery, CMT, FYI, and Spike TV among others. View Credits
  • Jack Porobil

    Jack Porobil

    Born and bred under the Spanish moss-covered oak trees of New Orleans, Louisiana, Jack incorporates his penchant for oral history, French apparitions, ancient melodies and improvisation rhythm into his editing. After his career in jazz guitar discourteously unraveled due to Hurricane Katrina, he decided to pack his satchel for New York and refine his chops. The journey began when Porobil was bestowed two VHS decks and a camcorder his uncle had unearthed on the artificial beaches of the Grand Hotel in Alabama. Unsure of what drum-mounted rotating record heads were, he approached the formidable tasks of cutting an experimental short with fresh alacrity. In stark contrast to the laisser-faire attitude of the Deep South, Porobil.s multi-tasking prowess and industrious work ethic were conducive to the rapid turn-around of modern television schedules. With minimal dependence on memorization and the use of hypothetical and antithetical means to develop logical creativity, Porobil is a fastidious and efficient, keyboard-dominant editor. Transfixed by the emotional undercurrent in motion pictures, Porobil cut his professional chompers on provocative, long-form, archival documentaries under the auspices of editing juggernaut Seth Skundrick. Sifting through thousands of hours of found footage, Porobil has the patience and enthusiasm to procure the seemingly inconspicuous, editorial gold. Jack is currently contributes to the full gamut of an immersive television experience. View Credits
  • Anthony Rosato

    Anthony Rosato

    Anthony Rosato has been a part of the Vidiots team since 2012 editing a wide range of media such as Reality TV, News Shows, Promos, Pilots, Sizzles & Commercials.  He is currently a Lead Editor for the hit show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  He has worked for a vast range of networks such as VH1, MTV, FOX, TLC, USA and A&E.  Some of Anthony's credits include Alaskan Woman Looking for Love, Boston's Finest, Chrissy and Mr. Jones, The Houston's, MTV News, Best Week Ever, The Crowd Goes Wild and more. Before joining Vidiots, Anthony started his career as an assistant editor at iTV in 2009.  He had the pleasure of working on reality documentary series such as The First 48, After The First 48, The Killer Speaks, Deadly Sins and Barbecue Pit-Master.  Anthony received a B.S. in electronic media and film from Towson University. View Credits
  • Erick Sasso

    Erick Sasso

    For over a decade, Erick Sasso's passion for editing dynamic video content has permeated his work. A versatile editor, Erick has worked on everything from video game trailers for major companies such as Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto V) to commercial fashion work for Sean John and Havaianas to event programming for The James Beard Foundation.  His talent and love of music has generated electrifying music videos, live concerts, features, promos and documentaries for MTV, VH1, and Revolt TV featuring popular artists such as Pharrell, Katy Perry, Puff Daddy, Usher, Fall Out Boy and the Wu-Tang Clan. In addition, his ability to quickly deliver powerful sports media is evidenced by the high-octane commercials, promos, sizzles and teasers he has created for The New York Red Bulls, as well as gripping in-game entertainment for Red Bull Arena and compelling features for CONCACAF, the Miami Dolphins and 'The NFL Today' on CBS. View Credits
  • Darrin Tarulli

    Darrin Tarulli

    Darrin originally started out by playing in bands around the Long Island music scene. Eventually realized that the music life might not be the right path for him, he was determined to find a field of work that would give him the same satisfaction music did; so he started delving into editing. He approached Anthony and Michael Amoia about helping out around vidiots which led him to a full time position as a Vidiots edit assistant. Being in the company of so many seasoned and helpful editors, It inspired him to work harder and eventually work his way up to a full time spot in the Switchblade family. Working for such companies as Mtv, Bravo, ITV and Sony, Darrin still loves coming into work everyday and creating with a team of people that share the same interest, talents and goals. View Credits