From Super Bowls and Monday Night Football to HBO.s award-winning 24/7 series to Geico commericals to a collection of hit reality shows and much, much more, Vidiots has worked on a huge variety of acclaimed projects. Below are some samples of our work.

Raekwon – House of Flying Daggers
Parkwood – Beyonce “ITV Special”
CBS – Thursday Night Football “Don Cheadle”
ESPN – Pontiac Garage “Perry Farrell, Kelly Rowland & 50 Cent”
ESPN – NBA “Nicole Scherzinger”
ESPN – NBA “Def Leopard”
CBS – NCAA “Final Four”
ESPN – NBA “Tom Petty”
NCAA – March Madness “Speed Racer”
ESPN – Pontiac Garage “OK Go”
ESPN – NBA “Puzzle Magic”
ESPN – NBA “Pussycat Dolls”
ESPN – NBA “Sounds of Fury”
NFL – Monday Night Football
NFL – Marines “The Few The Proud”
NFL – Monday Night Football “Hank Williams”
ESPN – WNBA “Alicia Keys”
U2 – World Cup
A&E – Jose Canseco “Last Shot”
HBO – 24/7 “Mayweather vs. De La Hoya”
Sterling Stamos – Jaipur Foot
Michael Buble – Madison Square Garden
U2 – 360 “At The Rose Bowl”
REVOLT – Diddy “Juniors”
ESPN – NBA “Finals”
ESPN – 30 For 30
HBO – Bill Maher
Sugarland – Wide Open
Sheryl Crow – So Glad We Made It
Rob Thomas – This is How a Heart Breaks
Rascal Flatts – Unstoppable
Queen Latifah – Champion
Lady Antibellium – I Was Here
Goo Goo Dolls – Real
Gloriana – The World is Ours Tonight
3 Doors Down – Champion In Me
Alicia Keys – Live from Anaheim
VH1 – Storytellers “Foo Fighters”
VH1 – Storytellers “John Mayer”

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NFL – Soulmen
Mariah Carey – 100%
Ford – James Brown
Super Bowl – Prince
Geico – Phil Simms
Tapout – Commercial